An Overview of Futuro Verde

Futuro Verde is a preschool through 11th grade school dedicated to an inspirational, dedicated and innovative constructivist learning environment focused on environmental and global issues. With an international population of students, teachers and a supportive surrounding community, Futuro Verde is the perfect teaching and learning environment for all!

Qualified Teaching Staff

Teachers with specialty endorsements, advanced degrees and years of teaching and international experience!

Progressive and Holistic

Learning for the 21st Century by developing well-rounded abilities in all students!

Inquiry based learning

Inspiring students to wonder, to explore and to dare to dream big!

A School for All

Truly a school for all: all ages, all abilities, all socioeconomic backgrounds.  Futuro Verde welcomes the students of the world!

Grades offered:

Pre-K to 11th grade

Average class size:


2017 Enrollment:


Student Teacher Ratio:

8 to 1


Percentage of students who recieve some form of financial aid


Costa Rican: 111 (62%)

Non-Costa Rican: 69 (38%)

First to second generation familial countries of origin (30):

Costa Rica, Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ethiopia, France, Germany, England, Guatemala, Honduras, Italy, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Peru, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Uruguay, Venezuela, USA

Languages spoken in the home (9):

French, Spanish, English, Flemish, Hebrew, Italian, Mandarin, Swiss German, Bulgarian.

Students who demonstrate age-appropriate linguistic ability in one or more languages:

  • Percentage of students who are spanish monolinguals 25%
  • Percentage of students who are English monolinguals 10%


Total percentage of students who are MONO lingual

  • Percentage of students who are BI lingual in two languages (not necessarily our languages of instruction) 52%
  • Percentage of students who are MULTI lingual 25%


Total percentage of students who are BI or MULTI lingual


Total number of teaching and administrative staff: 29

Costa Rican: 10 (35%)

The Americas (North, other Central and South America): 15 (51%)

Europe: 2 (7%)

Africa: 2 (7%)

13 countries of origin: Costa Rica, US, South Africa, Chile, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Mexico, Scotland, Argentina, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Colombia

  • Percentage of teachers holding teacher certifications 100%
  • Percentage of teaching staff members holding either a Masters or Doctoral degrees 45%


Monolingual Spanish speakers


Monolingual English speakers


Bilingual/Multilingual speakers