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Graduating 6th graders


Graduating 6th graders


Graduating 11th graders


Graduating 6th graders


Graduating 11th graders

Futuro Verde’s History

The School project began with two mothers, Andrea Drost and Astrid Schultze, in 2004, when their daughters were reaching school age. Their idea was to set up an International school with an internationally accredited degree and Escuela Futuro Verde was born.

In 2008, Futuro Verde began operations in Astrid’s home, initially with only 3 students. By March 2008, the school moved to a modest location above Montezuma and opened its doors to more students. In June of 2010 Futuro Verde moved to its current rented location in Cóbano with 25 students from 8 different countries.

With the departure of one of the founders back to her home country in December of 2010, the administration and coordination of the school was passed on to Khalida Lockheed and Enrico Reolon and then to board members who are elected to two year terms from the community of parents. With local MEP accreditation in 2011 for the Primary school and 2012 for the Secondary school, Futuro Verde experienced rapid growth, from 25 to 120 students in two years. In 2014, Futuro Verde began the application process for the International Baccalaureate and as of March 1, 2016 Futuro Verde is officially a candidate school for the IB.

Today the school educates more than 190 students representing 26 countries from pre-school through 11th grade! This rapid growth has precipitated our current urgent need for new facilities.

Ekaterina Barquero Chaves

Founding Teacher/Director 2008-2010

Integral to the formation of Futuro Verde, Ekaterina served as the first teacher and then director of the school. Ekaterina is a licensed Psychologist with Honors Degree from the University Iberoamèrica, San Josè; Audience year University of Nancy, France. She also possesses the “Diplôme des Etudes de la Langue Française du Second Degré” from the same university. Ekaterina started her teaching career in 2003, where she taught French for the Primary and Secondary level of Saint Basilio College, Escazù. In 2007, she was the main teacher and in charge of the basic subjects for the primary grades of the Montessori School Cabuya. In 2008 she, along with Andrea and Astrid, founded Escuela Futuro Verde. She used her experiences in Psychology, Education and Arts to implement personalized teaching, where the strengths and weaknesses of each child determines the methods of learning. In this way, she discovered, together with the child, how to conduct a more effortless and entertaining way of learning. Ekaterina is now working in San Jose.

Astrid Schultz

Founder Futuro Verde, Board Vice President 2008-2010

Astrid is a practical minded and a very effective organizer originally from Germany. She worked for years in concert production and tour management for Italian music bands all over the world. She came to Montezuma in 1994. Astrid speaks four languages fluently and is an all around talent — be it translations or painstaking proofreading, info research, or as a convincing promoter. Astrid’s work on the school project was of the most practical kind, keeping the limited school budget in impeccable and transparent care, thereby promoting collaboration and trust in the community of parents. In 2012 Astrid and her daughter moved to Germany.

Andrea Drost

Founder Futuro Verde, Board President 2008-2010, Board Treasurer 2013

Andrea’s strength is conceptual and structural thinking. She developed and wrote the project plan, with support from Astrid, and coordinated the Futuro Verde project. Her good people skills gathered the many talents now involved in this endeavor As a former PR consultant in Germany and being one of the Tropisphere S.A. Real Estate founders she is familiar with marketing and the requirements of the business world. In this project she brought together her professional experience with what is close to her heart. Andrea has shifted her focus on structural changes of the Assocación and the fundraising to facilitate the development towards the “big picture” of the community project. In 2013 Andrea and her daughter moved to Germany.

Khalida Katz Lockheed

Board President 2011-2013

Alexander Jiménez Gutiérrez

Board Member I 2010-2012 / Advisor

Enrico Reolon

Founder, Board Vice President 2010-2013, Board President 2013-present

Kristine Cook

Board Member II 2010-2012 / Founder Organic Garden

Samantha Heller

Founding Teacher

Madeleine Edmark Morton

Logo Design

Juan Carlos Fonseca Herrera

Legal Consultant 2009 - present

Alfredo Súarez Madrigal

Academic Director 2012-2014

Ximena Hernandorena

Board Treasurer 2013-2015

María Isabel Builes

Board Secretary 2011-2013

Elizabeth Samworth Sauler

Academic Director 2011

Stuart Millar

Board Treasurer 2011

Randall Ramirez

Board Fiscal 2012-2014