Teaching kids how to feed themselves and how to live in a community responsibly is the center of an education.”

– Alice Waters

Farm to Table and Dining Services

Dining Services

At Futuro Verde, the integration of our dining services with our central mission and vision is of utmost importance.  Our food is homemade every day from natural, organic ingredients and prepared with love by our experienced kitchen staff. We strive to provide a varied lunch menu that includes recipes from around the world and we have menu codes used daily in both our menu and during food service to help those dining with us better understand where their food is coming from and what key ingredients it does or does not have.

Menu Codes:

Farm to Table

In our commitment to local foods, we have an especially strong connection to our Farm to Table initiatives. Our chicken coop produces some of the eggs we eat in the kitchen and at other times the meat in our dishes.  Our students care for our chickens, collect their eggs, feed and water them and follow the full process of that special relationship. Our organic garden, run entirely by our students, regularly produces vegetables consumed in the kitchen. Students plant the seeds, care for the growing plants and garden, control pests and harvest their vegetables and fruits.  What a way to connect the earth and the food we eat! Parents and community members also contribute their own homegrown farm products as able to our delicious kitchen.  Thanks goes out to our loving community!

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