Futuro Verde is excited to offer an array of volunteer opportunities! Whether your interests lie in assisting classroom instruction, organizing after-school programs, or leading outreach efforts with educational organizations in the region, Futuro Verde offers altruistic opportunities to meet your needs.

Upon acceptance: We require a donation of $150 to secure your spot and to cover the cost of the volunteer program to the school. This donation may be made directly to the Association’s bank account in Costa Rica or as a tax-deductible donation via PayPal to our fiscal sponsor, Green Wave. This amount can also be paid in person upon arrival. This $150 donation is the total cost of our volunteer program.

Housing: We do not provide housing with our volunteer program. We are happy to assist you with finding appropriate housing if necessary, but the entire cost of housing is the responsibility of the volunteer. Housing costs fluctuate over the course of the year depending upon the season.

Our program consists of the following:


  • 25 hours/week 
  • Willingness and enthusiasm to work with staff and other volunteers as a team. 


  • Some knowledge of Spanish
  • Teaching experience
  • Optional additional experience or mastery (art, music, physical education, theatre, language, relevant trade) 


  • mid-morning snack and lunch during the days that the volunteer works at the school
  • open opportunities to initiate programs and workshops

Dates Available Sessions 2016:

We only accept 3 volunteers per session, so apply early!


First Semester Complete: February 01 — June 24

First Semester Part 1: February 01 — April 29

First Semester Part 2: April 05 — June 24


Second Semester Complete: July 19 — December 16

Second Semester Part 1: July 19 — September 23

Second Semester Part 2: September 23 — December 23

To Apply:

Please send to us at volunteer@futuro-verde.org:

  • a cover letter stating your preferred session
  • your skills and areas of interest and enclose
  • your curriculum vitae (resume)

Unlike other non-profit organizations in the area, we are a non-profit organization that does not charge any fees; we only require a small donation to reserve your spot and to pay for the minimal expenses incurred by the school for the volunteer program. We only ask that you have a strong commitment to improving the lives of children in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula. We do have high standards for the people we work with and are seeking only accomplished, dedicated, and creative professionals who are willing to commit to making a difference in our corner of the world. If these attributes seem to describe you, we look forward to hearing from you.


Futuro Verde is an exciting dynamic educational institution in an invigorating time of evolution and change. You have the opportunity to be a part of this amazing community and to really make a difference. Don’t take our word for it, hear what our former volunteers had to say:

“Our time at Futuro Verde was life-changing. The school is wonderfully unique. Students and staff are so positive, respectful, and kind. They embrace one another’s diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and learn from each other in a truly collaborative environment. Student learning from preschool through high school is hands-on, relevant, and purposeful. We were welcomed to the school with open arms and were so fortunate to be a part of the FV family for a while. The experiences we had and the insights we gained will stay with us for a very long time and will positively affect our work as teachers in the future. Thank you, Futuro Verde!” Laura and Bruce MaCartney

Michigan certified teachers

“Where to start- the people are awesome, the food is amazing and everyone is so helpful.  The kids seem really happy!  It’s not like a strict, uniform school in the States.  Everyone seems to be so imaginative and artistic and they are able to thrive in the environment.  Watch out for the scorpions and termites and look for the howler monkeys, the amazing different types of lizards and all the crazy wildlife I’ve seen down here.  It is truly a good school for a green future!” Jason Rutherford

gap year student from South Carolina, USA

“It has been a powerful cultural experience for me here in Costa Rica. Our school’s students come from all over the world and speak many different languages. Although each child has his or her own cultural identity we are all partaking in the Tico culture together — learning from each other and from our environment. Some of the best parts of the culture here is the food and the laid back style of living which evokes the well-known phrase Pura Vida. I am very happy to have to have a chance to live this pure life.” Aubrey Miller

New York City certified teacher

“We really enjoyed our experience volunteering at Futuro Verde. Both the staff and the students were very inclusive even with our limited Spanish abilities. We were able to help and take part in a number of festivals and activities including the World Cup. In general and especially during the World Cup it was awesome to see the camaraderie and spirit in the school community. We enjoyed the engaging group dynamic because we were able to easily interact with other volunteers, as well as students and teachers.” Tarryn Bleakely and Cameron Millar

high school students from Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

“I have loved working with the after school program here. As an art teacher, I’ve had the freedom to design my own curriculum. It’s just so rewarding to see such amazing progress in such a short amount of time. I love working outdoors. The energy is contagious, and the diversity at the school is truly inspiring. I’m very happy I came. I wish I could stay longer.” Maria Olinger

New York City certified teacher

“Working in the classroom every day has been an amazing learning experience. The teacher has welcomed me in as an equal, and together we have created a fascinating dynamic that combines educational approaches from all over the world. The students come from many different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, lending a powerful starting point to the constructivist, context-driven teaching we practice here. I will certainly leave Costa Rica a better teacher than I arrived.” Samantha Heller

New York City certified teacher