“But I also realize that winning doesn’t always mean getting first place; it means getting the best out of yourself.”

– Meb Keflezighi


Futuro Verde boasts a diverse well rounded athletics program for our students from 1st grade through the last year of high school. All students develop athletic ability and learn about healthy living during our physical education and swim classes and our strongest athletes can further develop their abilities through our competitive athletic teams, see below!

Furthermore, we boast individually successful student-athletes outside of Futuro Verde in surf and golf.  

Swim Team

Students from 1st grade on can try out for our competitive swim team. Students train for and participate in both individual and team races at all distances. Our swim team has been enormously successful, making it to nationals and winning gold since 2014!

Track and Field Team

Students from 6th grade on have the opportunity to try out for our track and field team. With events that run the range from throws to jumps and sprints and long distance, our track and field team boast both individual and team opportunities for students. In our first year at track and field we had two successful competitors head all the way to nationals

Cross Country

Students from 1st grade on can try out for our competitive cross country team. Training on our local roads, fields and beaches our cross country team has been enormously successful at all competitive levels. In 2014, one of our younger athletes made it all the way to nationals!

Beach Volleyball

Our 7th grade through high school students can form teams of two to compete in beach volleyball for Futuro Verde. Training on our school dirt court and on beach sand courts when able, our students have fallen in love with this exciting sport!

Table Tennis

Futuro Verde students from 1st grade on have the opportunity to practice their table tennis skills on our school ping-pong table. For those wishing for a competitive opportunity in table tennis, we offer opportunities in singles and doubles and the chance to make it all the way to nationals in one of the most exciting sports around!


When Futuro Verde is able to gather enough students for a basketball team at each category level- we do it! Currently we have enough participants for an upper elementary school boys team and a separate middle school boys team. With a coach who was a star basketball player in his youth- our students have the potential to become basketball stars in their own right!