Futuro Verde’s Got Talent (Show)!

Get your act together!

We are pleased to announce the 1st annual Futuro Verde’s Got Talent Show on June 9th, 2017.

Dance to your favorite song
Sing with a group or go solo
Get your rock band out of the garage
Demonstrate your skill at soccer, martial arts, gymnastics, or ?
Perform a magic trick
Create a short video or play

Don’t want to be in the spotlight?
Join the Backstage Crew to help with sound, lighting, costumes, and props.

Comfortable in front of a crowd?
Join the MC team and help to host FV’s Got Talent.

Is your talent in Literary or Visual Arts?
Submissions accepted through May 19th.

Auditions for stage presentations and acts will be scheduled during the week of May 3-9.
Winners to be awarded via popular vote and judges panel. Selected winners will have the opportunity for further competitions.