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If you are a FV classical languages student then “Panta Rhei” may be a Greek saying from the philosopher Heraclitus that you understand. But even if your Greek is a little rusty, the phrase’s meaning – everything, or all, flows – is something we have all lived and know to be true. Often times we refer to this as “the only constant is change”. In Futuro Verde, we are committed to a consistently high-quality and loving learning environment that nurtures and supports children through all ages and stages of life. Our true essence and founding principles will never change, but the details of how we run our programs will change in big and small ways each year. I share with you here a brief summary of some of the exciting changes in the works for the 2018 school year:

  • Futuro Verde is an IB World School, offering the diploma program in years 11 and 12 and high-quality, IB aligned learning at all grades!
  • We will have a later start, with a school schedule from Monday – Friday, 8:00-3:00!
  • We will have fully finished and stunning learning spaces: science lab, computer lab, two libraries, a music lab, a language lab and an art studio!
  • Plans are in the works for rejuvenated garden and recreational spaces!
  • Electives will be offered from 7th grade on! Student choice = more love of learning

These changes are positives shifts to the already amazing school you know and love! Thank you for your continued support, commitment and investment in a Futuro Verde education for your child!


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