The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Mahatma Gandhi

Service Learning

A central part of our school philosophy is service to our community.  Throughout the year and across all grade levels our students have a strong focus on serving the community.  Some of our efforts include:

  • volunteering with turtle conservation
  • solid waste initiatives in Cobano: community awareness campaigns, donation of 15 garbage cans
  • support of local public schools in their English programs
  • invitations to local public school students and teachers to Futuro Verde events, holidays and professional development
  • regular peninsula-wide beach clean-ups
  • street clean-ups
  • collaborative leadership in peninsula wide environmental fairs and other festivals
  • civic events
  • protests in support of the environment
  • community beautification

An essential part of any service initiative is reflection and discussion of the experience.  Our students, as a part of their regular Peace Practices, have deep discussions and engage in on-going dialogue regarding issues of importance, areas of need that they have identified in their school or greater community and their own involvement in these service initiatives.