“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”

Margaret Mead

Primary Years Program

An Overview

The primary years program at Futuro Verde is hallmarked by its rigor, its student-centered instruction and its dynamic teaching.  Students benefit from an inquiry-based model of learning, where they are active participants in constructing their own knowledge and in developing their understanding connected to their respective subject areas.  Students also work to support one another by partaking in buddy class experiences with our our pre-school and secondary students.

Highlights of Futuro Verde’s Primary Years program:

With a distinct focus on a well-rounded, holistic and experiential education our students receive the following educational experiences throughout the grade levels in the primary years:

  • biliteracy instruction: children learn to read, write and speak in Spanish and in English, with goals toward full bilingualism and biliteracy
  • weekly French classes
  • industrial and visual arts lessons
  • music classes
  • swimming classes and physical education lessons each week
  • environmental education classes that integrate classroom learning, practical campus level action projects and community service activities connected to the environment
  • technology education classes in our computer lab