Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

Thomas Merton

The Arts

An Overview

Education in the arts is an essential component of any holistic education experience. Concurrency within our arts program is a hallmark at Futuro Verde.  Students in Futuro Verde begin their diverse arts education in preschool and continue developing their skills, techniques and appreciation for the arts throughout their years with us.  Focus in all our arts classes is divided among the following criteria:

  • Arts perception
  • Comparative research and investigation
  • Creation and performing of the arts

Visual Arts

Our visual arts program spans our curriculum from preschool through 11th grade.  Students study the history and techniques of the visual arts and work to refine their own skills and abilities through the creation of their own artistic pieces.  Visual arts classes at Futuro Verde can include:

  • fine arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, graphic and printmaking art)
  • contemporary arts (collage, mixed media, photography, videography)

Industrial Arts

The industrial arts program at Futuro Verde epitomizes our commitment to inspiring student creativity. Typical industrial arts programs feature the fabrication of objects from wood or metal using techniques that include hand, power and machine tools.  Technical drawing and engineering design are also a component of the industrial arts program at Futuro Verde.  From preschool through 9th grade students’ work can include:

  • engineering design to solve real-world problems
  • student made skimboards and surfboards
  • 2nd use recycling with new innovative design
  • traditional costa rican woodworking included

Musical Arts

The benefits of a music education are unparalleled: from improved development of language and reasoning skills to improved coordination and fine-tuned auditory skills, music development is an integral part of a holistic education. At Futuro Verde we have music classes from preschool through secondary, with students focusing on:

  • music appreciation
  • learning to read music
  • wind, string and percussion instruments