“The future will either be green or not at all.”

– Bob Brown

Environmental Education

With protection of the environment as one of the founding principles of our school, environmental studies form an integral pillar of the education students receive at Futuro Verde.  Our students in all grade levels are fortunate to have classes in their schedule focused on environmental education, classes in which they learn to respect and care for the environment and participate in community and school based projects. Furthermore, each classroom teacher assures integration of environmental themes into their specific subject area.  These efforts combine with school initiatives focused on the following important aspects of environmental stewardship and protection to make Futuro Verde truly an environmental school of the future:

  • Green certification of the school through Bandera Azul Ecológica
  • A school-wide recycling center open to the community
  • Regular beach clean-ups in our surrounding beach communities
  • School-wide digital initiatives to reduce our use of paper

Green Certification

A committee of teachers, parents, students and administrators forms the team that has led our school in securing the prestigious designation of Bandera Azul Ecológica with an impressive 4 out of 5 stars.  The process requires a series of commitments on the part of the school: water conservation, energy conservation, clean bathrooms and school beautification, among others.

Recycling Program at FV

We are currently collaborating with a recycling initiative out of Paquera in order to assure our recyclables complete the full circle of being recycled, from collection to the recycling plan. The following materials are able to be recycled at school: Tetra Pak, glass, plastic, aluminum and cans.

Specific Environmental Projects by Grade Level

First grade: 
Guardians of the domestic animals – the worm bin and the chickens
Second grade: 
Guardians of the plants
Third grade:
Guardians of the water
Fourth grade: 
Guardians of the air
Fifth grade: 
Guardians of the wild animals
Sixth grade: 
Botanic garden, hanging gardens
Seventh grade:
Meteorological station
Eighth grade:
Ninth grade:
Recycling Center
Tenth/Eleventh grades:
Community graduation projects – garbage cans for Cóbano


Beach Clean-ups:

With the focus on community service, FV participates in regular beach clean-ups. Our environmental community partners help us in these efforts: ICE, Water Keeper and Estación de Montezuma, among others.  We invite all to collaborate with us, to enjoy a fun filled morning with school friends and community partners and to do your part to care for our beautiful local beaches.

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